i got a Marshall GV2 Guv'nor Distortion...
but i'm kinda new to pedals cuz i used to get effects from my amp...
so can u guys share some tips on using this pedal?

for ppl with out the pedal, can u recommend me some tips with EQ?
cuz there is a unique EQ on this pedal. Treb, Mid, Bass, and Deep!?!?

kind of music i play is...
The Beatles, Cream, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Who, DP, all the way to GNR.
not really metal tho. maybe some Sabbath.

Thanks in advance.
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Deep is presence (I think).

The best advice I can give you is just to mess around with it for a while. The tone I won't probably isn't the tone you want.

If you can't get the tone you want out of the pedal, you may want to think about getting a different one.
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Presence is really high treble. Its a frequency range much higher than treble.

The GuvNor is a great pedal that can get you the howl and crunch of a Marshall. Its a lot like a Marshall-in-a-box pedal.

Its great to boost and already overdriven amp.

Start with all the knobs at 5 and then move from there. Find your own tones.
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