So i have a cij 62 reissue strat (very nice) but whenever i use the whammy bar a bit, the tuning goes out. Now the problem isnt the strings cause i know how to change strings properly and such, so, i was wondering what mod i should do to it to make the tuning better. the tuning holds for weeks unless i use the whammy bar so should i get better tuners or a new trem or new saddles?
dude, that happens. . . thats why they invited locking trems. Locking tuners may help but think about it, youre stretching the strings back and forth. . .
Better tuners, perhaps a locking nut though I'm not 100% positive if you can do the latter with a vintage-style trem. Saddles probably won't do much.
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ok guys thanx. I think ill will lubricate the nut but im also gonna buy some good locking tuners. Does anyone know any good ones? (preferebly vintage shaped roundish ones)