it's very cool!!! I usually don't like that kind of music...but it's pretty damn good!...
I like very much when u start the "tapping" (or whatever r u doing there).
I wouldn't call this metal...it's a kinda new style.....but very cool!...

crit mine when u have time..: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=7879360#post7879360
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I record in my bedroom with a mbox 2 mini. i use digitech's grunge pedal. real basic equipment but still a great resualt.
Like Junior Mints, this is cool and refreshing.

Pros: Great tone, love the distortion. I have visions of a demon army of insects invading a village. Very tight playing, with A+ timing and rhythm. And, well... fun to listen to.

Cons: Not much, other than an automatic (sorry! ) deduction of one letter grade, due to there being no drums or bass.

Overall: C+