Hey, I've got an on-going issue with bouncing to disc. When the track is finished and ready to start converting the files it (sometimes) comes up with...........

could not complete Bounce to Disk.. command because
Assertion in
Ports\NewFileLibs\FF\AudioProperty.cpp",line 33.

Does anyone have a clue as to the meaning of this?!

Sometimes it doesn't happen.

Hopefully someone can help me out before I hurt myself.........or others!

Any input is welcome

I don't know how to help you, but if you go to Digidesign's Support part of their website you should be able to contact someone about it. I did a quick search in their support area, but didn't find anything that matched your problem. Try contacting them though, cause they should know what they're talking about.
Thanks guys.

I'm using an M-Box 2 (PC interface).

I thought it might be something REALLY dumb I was doing.

I'll try the Digidesign Support Page.
Quote by Digger
I thought it might be something REALLY dumb I was doing.

No, this just happens sometimes and from what I've understood it might be a incompatibility problem with some other program. I used to get this occasionally when I ran ProTools 5.x with an original MBox. I can't remember what the suggested fix was, mostly because I ran that on a Mac, but I think it had something to do with changing something in the register keys. Digidesign's support is excellent in that they tend to get back to you fairly quickly but they don't seem to have anything worthwhile to say in most cases. Luckily my new MBox 2 Mini is working like a charm.
Hey, thanks for your input.

I emailed Digidesign and they told me the answer!

It is.........

Here are the workarounds for Assertion.....line33 error that happens
during or at the end of bounce to disk.

- If the DAE buffer is set to level 8 in Setups > Playback engine, try
reducing this value to level 4 or level 2. (This is the leading case)

Turns out that Daisuke Hiratoko is a very clever lad.

Thanks Digidesigns..............you saved the day.