my wants become in waves...one moment i want a guitar, the other dont, an then i bring it up again. weird huh.

coul someone help me pick a guitar for around 400 euro or less...and i dont want a les paul cause i cant play with them well.

i was thinking bout the SG g 400, but thought that maybe theres better guitars out there for the price.

i prefer if you choose something from this site www.thomann.de

i play only rhythm...i think i would need something mahogany-ish (anyhing darker, i already have a bunch of alder guitars)

(meaning i dont want a tremolo either)
thanks alot!

oh yeah...i also play alot of chorusy cleans, and some heavy distortion.
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what music do you play? what Amp do you have? you might be better off looking at a new amp to get the sound you want.
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i dont want to get a new amp. i have a roland cube at home, buth tats only for home practice. if im with my band, practicing or gigging, either way we use hughes kettners cabs, and...we dont realy have a choice...their rent is peanuts.

the music i play...hard to genrelize, coz we only play originals...take alice in chains, mix it with black sabbath and put some nirvana's spice on top

on second thught, i want a guitar that has a fat tone (mahogany), and looks...well traitional...not a bc rich
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yes it is.
can that place be trusted? i have experience with thomann, but this looks sort of suspicious.
i've bought stuff from them and it was legit. Although i drove directly to the store. I kinda know the guys and they are good people. I just checked though and it seems they quit that free shipping in the EU thing. The shipping prices are listed though.
they have free shipping on some things...

any opinions on fernandes (z?) native x? looks cool.
Don't really care for fernandes that much. The Ibanez, LTD, Jackson, and Gibsons are what I look at.
i dont want a tremolo. i will never use it anyway, and i dont feel like paying for something i wont use.

all the esp and ibanez are known to have floyd roses, and thats the thing i want least.
If you want mahogany, no tremolo and 400 Euros


Epiphone Explorer Korina

I don't know how good they are (somebody else might) but from what you've asked for it fits in at least

Also there is the Epi LP Standard - 420 Euros


Ibanez SA260FM - 398 Euros


Ibanez RG 370DX - 398 Euros


Ibanez RG350DX - 398 Euros


These are guitars I hear good things about (and again I'm sure somebody here will actually have some experience with them), though they do have tremolos but that doesn't mean you have to use it (hell I know somebody who took his off his Strat completely)

You can also get the Epiphone G400 in black, with gigbag for only 309 Euros

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Not all ESPs and Ibanez guitars have trems. That is why you look at the different models. I own an Ibanez SZ720 and it is one of the best guitars i have put my hands on. Picked it up for under 700euro too. Take a look at the specs and you might be surprised.
g 400 looks good, but i was thinking perhaps i could get better for 400. the explorer to me seems same guitar, in a more expensive shape...id rather go with a bad looking guitar that sounds good than a good looking that isnt good.

well, still open for suggestions...

i dont think i want an ibanez...they look too modern. i love classics.
bah, i dont need another mexican...i have one already. and its alder.