I remember some guy on here was asking us to ring some shop and complain to them because something he ordered was wrong, and I think he was gonna go to court, I remember some mods also said they were gonna ring up. I didn't bother searching for it cos it was so old, anyway, was just wondering how he went?
i remember it was in the GB&C forum. he ordered wood and the neccessary tools from a company in india. The motor they gave him was wrong and they were trying to rip him off to get the right one to him. cant remember his username tho. Search for "rosewood direct from India"

EDIT: It was CorduroyEW. but its not in that thread. I think he made another one. so check his 'threads started by' to find it
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thanks lemon, i totally remember the wrong motor thing now

ahh yes! the laguna tools
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