I'm Not even a novice when it comes to bass my guitar skill is no where near where i want it to be eg more than power chords and the odd simple rift here and there(after 2 years that not where i want to be) so I was wondering if I should thing about learning to play bass? I'v had about 4 people tell me I should give it a go and after a few months of thought I'm actually considering it. I know I shouldn't walk before I can run but i was wondering if the Ibanez GSR205
is worth considering? I know that will sound like giving a beginner a 7string guitar but for some reason I'v always been drawn to 5 string basses I'v got £700($1355) to play with i'd really like a 5 string preferably in black (cosmetic i know but hey) and a small but good amp i'v looked into a few small combo amps by Behringe but as I don't know what to look for in a bass amp....

to put it a simple as possible I'm after a good 5 string and a compact but powerful amp

When you have played the guitar for 2 years and you're still at the novice level, there is a great chance you won't be any better playing the bass. If there's a problem I think you should work on it. Get some advice or a teacher or something or just get some more practice. I mean it's not like "i suck at guitar, oh here's an idea I'll play the bass!". I dont think you wanna be another pick-using guitarist-turned-bassist who only plays simple punk riffs.
But if you're seriously into bass and that's really what you wanna do I say go for it! If there's 1 thing the world doesn't need, it's an another crappy rythm guitar player

And also when you're buying a bass, try to remember that a guitar and a bass are pretty different. You can't really tell which bass you want, if you haven't hold the bass in your hand. I'm personally a 4-stringed guy, 7-stringers have thick necks that I personally dislike, but as I told it's pretty much how it sounds and how it fits for you, not how many strings it has or what color it comes in.

Good luck on becoming a better musician - guitarist or bassist!