hi! I'm a 13 year old boy and I play a left handed guitar. Can anybody suggest what can I do to make my fingers faster? coz I play better on right but since my band like to have the "A7X feelings", I play the left hand. any tips? thanks a lot!!!
Helow! I'm just new here... a left-handed guitarist.... idolizes Zacky Vengeance of A7X....
let me get this straight.

you play right handed but you bought a left handed guitar and want to play left handed because your band wants to have that"A7X feeling". thats really just stupid.

I cant believe you actually spent money on a left handed guitar when you play right handed.

EDIT: just so this isnt spam. start doing some excersises slowly with a metronome. gradually increase the tempo at which you play the excersizes.
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Wow thats as retarded as the people that become leftys just to look like Hendrix. Its stupid, return that crap and get a right handed guitar. This is also in the wrong forum. *reported* No one post after this or get warned
damn if im reading that right, and you play left handed just to be like a band, thats lame!! i mean who gives a **** if you have that a7x feel, you dont have the sound obviously if you cant even ****in play lefty.
How would Zack have become a lefty if he did what you're doing? He would have been a right handed guitarist and would have sucked at it and you would never have heard of him.

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