This is what i\'m going to be doing to my bass and I need more ideas on what to do. I am getting the Badass II bridge and a Fender P-Bass neck. I need to know where to get an official one, they sometimes sell fake ones on ebay.

Can someone help me find a place to get an official Fender P-bass neck, and tell me some other things to upgrade, such as what pick ups to get.
I think Fender only sell replacement necks/bodies if you can prove your Fender has a problem. So I don't think you'll be able to get a Fender neck, but have a poke around on their website, I found this info there somewhere and they go into more detail.

You can always look at a Warmoth neck.

I'd also upgrade the pots if I were you, CTS is a good brand. And the jack, go for switchcraft here. These are purely reliability issues, but they are cheap to do.
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wow ....someone wanting to "upgrade" the fender active Deluxe Jazz bass ... thats unheard of ... the Badass2 bridge is okay but if you want more than that .... i just dont think thats the bass for you

personally im not a fan of replaceing necks and it would bother me if i had a fender that did not say fender on the neck.

i'm going to put a badass2 and a 2band EQ on my Jazz bass eventually but right now i need a new amp for gigging so that will be a ways away
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Here you go, all official fender bodies necks electronics and such. All actual photos as well. A ton of stuff there is from fender japan which is arguably better than american series fenders. I'm surprised you're such a Hoppus fan but decided for a jazz instead.

Ayways yeah that store is great, check out the bodies, they have tons of non standard colors like lake placid blue and candy apple red.