At a concert last year i used my freind's Epiphone V, it looks sexy as do all V's, the only problem i had with it is that it was top-heavy (the neck heavier than the body)

As i would like a V i was wondering if all V's are like this.

Any help is much appreciated.


i think they are... it's because of the strap button position.
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no not all are..

i played with a bc rich (600€ mid one)and it was heavy as hell!
i played a jackson rhandy roads and it was not heavy,it was normal!and the neck wasnt pushing down!
Nah, it's the Epis that are like this, I heard their LP's are pretty neck heavy too?
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^^yea, depends on the model, the woods used, body size etc. but i guess they'll usually be more neck heavy than strat type guitars.
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Jackson King V isn't heavy. The neck does naturally pivot downwards, but I think thats more to do with the strap button position than being heavy
thats why jackson or esp is the choice for metal or any kind of v style guitars. I dont mind the classic Gibson flying v's :P
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Nah, it's the Epis that are like this, I heard their LP's are pretty neck heavy too?

There are, one of my friends have one and it is.
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i have a Dean ML and the body weighs a ton!!! i could care less about the neck
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