Ibanez RG321 with active EMG(81/85 or 81/60) pickups?

Or are there any better metal guitars with the same active EMG pickups for around $500?
ESP's have good metal guitars.

I have a 321 (mahogony) without emg's, so if you do get it let me know how it sounds.
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I, personally, am not a fan of Ibanez. But I have an ESP with the EMG 81/85 set up, and they kick ass for metal...
The noise makerers:
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The noise maker louderfiers:
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i also play metal and i love ibanez! if ya got that u wouldnt be disopointed.
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ESP is the birth of Metal.....lica! haha!
Just an influence.
that would be a bad guitar but just look at some schecter too.
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