This is me playing Purple Haze in my own way.. please tell me what you think!

I am performing this song with a bassist and drummer in one week at our school for music class and I will get judged by some guy so it has to be good! It is really important!

I might not be in time sometimes but when I play with the band then ofcourse I can stay in beat and also put more 'feeling' in my playing because I'm really having fun, you know?

Its ok need a bit of work at ''intro'' and in some parts your not fellin' the song, your only playing the notes of it.
Try to play it with a backing track.
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ya at the intro its just kinda slow and empty.
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I agree but as I said, when playing with a drummer and bassist I play with feeling and am in time because we keep eachother in time ofcourse.

But thanks for the reply's!
Im not too keen on the solo. You play the chords really well, I just think the solo part in the middle is weak, and kind of lets the whole thing down. I don't want to seem rude, but its always clear when somethings not right if it makes you cringe. I don't know how you are on the theory side of playing guitar, but it might be worth expanding on the solo a little. Plain is ok, it just seems awkward to me. Meh. Im not that experienced myself, its just an observation that you can act on or ignore. Its up to you. Either way, good luck with the show. Hope it works out for you.
Yeah I'm a bit worried about that weak solo.

Has anyone got a nice lick I can throw in it?
Licks? That's your main concern?

You're playing without a metronome which means your timing is wrong ("kinda important" if you want to play with a band), you have no vibrato at all, your bends are off, and you worry about licks?

Cizzie, forget about the licks. No one is going to focus on your licks when all your bends are off. Would you enjoy listening to a singer with a good voice that cannot sing in key? No, you wouldn't.
I don't understand the attitude of: "when i play with a live band ill play with more feeling and we keep each other in time..."
What is that?? What makes you think you'll be able to keep time with the drummer when you are not practicing with a metronome?

Timing, bends and vibrato, thats what you should be concerned about.

I hope i wasn't too offensive, but sometimes i just don't get people.

Have a good show Cizzie.
^ No offense taken.

But what I meant with that was: Once I hear the beat (of the drummer and bass player) I can keep that beat, stay in time. I can also play it in time with a backingtrack.
And about playing with more 'feeling' then is because when I play or listen to this (just me playing alone) it sounds so empty and dead but with those guys (guy and girl) we just like give eachother smiles when playing and when I play with other I see that as 'making music' I really enjoy it and my playing gets.. well better. But it probably sounds so dead because of my lack of good bends and vibrato's!

Allright I'll practise those bends and vibrato's hard!! Oh and btw I've got a metronome .

More feeling bro - MORE FEELING.

I don't have the pleasure of playing with drummer or a bassist, so make the best of it.

I wish I knew the whole song. I've aced the riff, and the chords - but thats as far as I got.

Crit mine please
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Today I played with the band again and I think it sounded pretty nice! (We have good gear at school so that's a + too)
Kids from my music class even started dancing and singing with it (we need a singer!! I'm desparetly looking for one.)

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Ok well you need to work on some basic things such as: Vibrato, this provides character and feeling into the song because at the moment its quite bland. Accurate bends: Now this was your biggest problem not being able to bend effectively is the same as just playing wrong notes and your timing needs improvement but if you keep time with a band like you say you do then then isn't a problem. Keep working at it.

Crit mine?
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Well I added Vibrato's now and it sound much nicer and I'm paying more attention to the bends so I should work out ok for the gig.. I hope!

Btw I'm probably gonna be the singer too! But I can sing and still play the verse like I did on the recording, that was good right? So that should be allright too.

I'm gonna ask a friend to tape the gig and I'll put on Youtube
The beginning licks and solo could of been better, but it's not BAD. The chords sounded perfect to me. I think you'll do just fine when you're performing :-D
Allright well I changed the solo a bit, maybe I'll record the newer version tonight and I'll also sing a bit with it

Thanks for the crit!