So my friends got this guitar its called a Marlin but i cant seem to find any info about them on the net i dont think they make them anymore and dw im sure its Marlin not Martin cause lots of ppl think im making a mistake.If you could lead me to any links ill appreciate it.

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I'm pretty certain Brody Dalle from the Distillers uses a Marlin. Maybe search for 'Brody Dalle's guitar' or something?
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Ahh Marlin's, that takes me back to when I began playing. T'was my first guitar but very unreliable...after just about 3 or 4 months the input wouldn't connect properly, I had it fixed but then 2 days later it was broken again, I had it fixed AGAIN and sold it quickly.....now my mates brother has it and only the neck pickup works. Nice little story there.
I don't have any links but I just thought i'd share that incase you were thinking of getting one

EDIT: Just thought i'd add that it was an Ibanez RG copy (no specific model)
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i have a marlin strat coppy it is realy good but i dont use it much onley use it wen playing whith a slide
hey, two years ago i aquired a marlin bass guitar. I have tried to find out as much as I can about the company. I read once that they were origianally based in wales (but my bass has made in Korea sticker on the back so go figure). Apparenty they went bust somtimes in the early 90's, os theres no website about them or anything . anyway my bass is beautiful, and after two hard years of playing (and god knows how many before it came into my possesion) it still plays like a dream. it has one dint right at the end of the headstock and was missing a screw for the machine head, which was amaturley repaired, but other then that it's invincable!