I replaced my strings the other day with Savarez reds, same as I've been using on my Yairi for 10 years, and when I strung it, I found they've changed their nylon string design.

Saverez used to have this beautiful, almost slightly chalky texture, with a milky appearance, diferentiating them from the slippery fishing line feel of most nylons. The new ones are pure white plastic, and actually have ridging on them like a wound string.

I didn't have an unused old design string to compare to, but they do sound very bright. The annoyance is that I get a lot of scratching from my nails. Has anyone else tried the new design? Do they sound better than the old ones? I hope so, because they don't feel anywhere near as nice under my fingers. Kinda reminds me of a ribbed condom.
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Just move it around the fretboard