Not to my knowledge. There wouldn't be much point.
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I've seen one before but I can't remember were. I think it was on a Jackson.
my guitar teacher was saying he was getting one on a guitar he is building ealier today, i'm not sure if he is gettin it custom made though.
ok that sucks. yeah i knew it was pretty pointless, but i like using the fine tuners more than the pegs, but maybe thats me just being used to tremelos. i like the one on my kahler more than the FR one, so i was hoping for that. oh well, no biggie.
Yes. I think there are some fixed Floyd Rose bridges.

Also, Gibson make a tailpiece with fine tuners. It's on the BB King Lucille (I think) and can be bought seperately at authorised dealers.
Headless guitars have tuners in the bridge, you could put one of these on a guitar that has headstock tuners, but it seams kind of pointless. Unless he is using a locking nut, he would be better off using a graphite nut and a good set of tuners.

Then again, I do all kinds of weird things when I do R&D. Someone has to try it.
Ibanez has semi-hollowbodies like that.
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Yes, there is such a thing. Gibson used to have them on their E2 Explorers in the early 80s. The fine tuners are on the tailpiece instead of the bridge.


Also, Schaller make a combination fixed-bridge / tailpiece with fine tuners...
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Anyone know where i can get one of these schallers? I found it on Stwemac but its discontinued.
Anyone know where i can get one of these schallers? I found it on Stwemac but its discontinued.