Im planning on buying a new guitar.
I'm still in school, so money is a huge factor for me.
I've been playing for about 4 years. I play mostly rock and metal.
I've narrowed it down to an Epiphone SG-Special or an Epiphone G-310 SG.
In your oppinion which one would be the better guitar.
Neither. Go G400 or go home. Both of them are pretty bad.
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How much money do you have?

Those guitars both kinda suck...they're almost exactly the same, too.

I suggest an Ibanez GSA 60. I have one. Awesome guitar. Feels and sounds nice, might have some tuning issues, but ones the strings settle, it'll work well.

Also try a Yamaha Pacifca 112. It won an award for the best guitar under 200 british bucks. Worth a try.
For an Epiphone SG you need a Goth/G400 Faded or up from there. Anything less is junk.
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What amp are you using?
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i think they use the same stock pickups, i'm not sure, so you're paying like £100 (i think) for a scratchplate and double controls. a special is good for modding...like mine!
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I have between $150 and $250.
I have a real real shitty Fender Amp, which I plan on changing as soon as I make enough money. Again I am in high school and work at an hourly rate.