recently i have found that audio cds do not work on my pc. it's only very recently that its been doing this, and they have always worked before. i put the cd in and it recognises its there, but just cannot play it. it's not hardware as both drives do it, and i've tried several codexes to fix it but none worked. It happens on any media playing software.

any ideas would be great.
There's a CD Audio cable that connects the Disc drive straight to the motherboard. I seriously doubt it's the problem but it could be. Can check that if you want. Make sure it's plugged in.

EDIT: not the motherboard, the sound card I mean.
Except on mine the soundcard is built in to the mobo.
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Error messages? Are the speakers plugged in? Have you done anything such that your sound card driver might have been accidentally damaged\removed?
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the speakers are working fine, and the drive plays dvds with sound so i doubt anythings come loose.

i dont know about the card driver thing, how would i find out?
and the error messages only say that the files are unable to be played, but ive tried about 10 cds and its the same
are these CDs you burned or are they store bought CDs?

Go into your Device Manager (google it if you don't know how) and look for yellow question marks. If you've got any, that means you need to update \replace some drivers.
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some are burned and some are orginals. i have tried ones that have worked before so its not the discs.
Are they copy protected?
Copy protected CD's come with software you need to be able to play them...when I bought Dance of Death, I couldn't play it on my pc at all...it would crash the computer, or it wouldn't be recognised. Find your cd drive, right click on it, and press 'explore' on the menu...you might be able to play them by selecting the files individually, or if there is software on the cd, you can find it there.

The burned ones, I don't know. What software are you using to play them?
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its not that because ive played them before..its doing it to all the cds i have. It does it on any software; itunes, real, windows media etc