Ok, that is why i never fly, always travel by boat and land, i can swim, i can walk, but i can't fly an inch.
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"Wait , stop! I need to get my fight music on! ... wait.... one sec....yep thats it, we're good to go"

If it has a good body, a nice long neck and 6 strings i'd hit it like Ron Jeremy on viagra.
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Jesus ****, as if I didn't have enough to be paranoid about...
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You're a bald gopher with wings that lives in the countryside, working on a farm.

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Having sex in a pool full of jello? How strangely erotic. No, not just any sex, butts-*gets shot*

God bless the underdog and God bless the antihero.
haha thats exactly what i thought when i read that article...'scorpions on a plane'
School children washing cars for charity, is there anything more arousing?
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He said he hadn't seen the recent movie, "Snakes on a Plane," starring Samuel L. Jackson.

"I'm pretty selective about what I see," Sullivan said. "Maybe I have to see it now."

Super Leeds and Classy Cas!