If I tune my guitar to drop C(from standard) play, and tune it back to standard after Ive finished playing, will my guitar neck not bow?

Help apreciated.
Its just I really need to be sure of this!
no it won't bow, unless it's made out of straw.

when you say drop C do you mean just the lowest string or C g c f a d?
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No, it won't bow. I alternate between drop C (CGCFAD) and open D-minor (DADFAD) almost every other day, and my neck never got bent.
i dont think so ... but the idea is y change tuning that much ...i mean play some band's music for a month and then change the tuning to another band's songs ....or u know wat if u change the 6 strings 2 steps down with that tuning.. then u can play the song on the standard tuning ...the sound will differ though ...i do so !!!!
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