I have an epiphone g-310 sg and want new pick-ups im looking at some EMGs on ebay. EMGs will those fit on my guitar? If so will i have to do a ton of soldering. I noticed that the quick connector has five wires where as my stock pickups have two. What are the other 3 for?
I wont have to solder the wires to the volume and tone pots? and is the clean sound good on these pickups?
I have a Spider III 120 Its either these pickups or these But istill need to know about the soldering issue and the extra wire thing. Same question w/ these pickups too
I know i was originally going for the covered humbucker look and realized i couldnt get covered humbuckers for under 30 bucks but then realized i could EMGs for cheaper so whats better those other pickups or the EMGs?
If you're wanting to improve your tone then you need a new amp, not new pickups. If you just need to replace pickups cos you lost one or something then there's better ones to be had - however none of them will make much differencs through a spider.
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