Okay, I know how to set the intonation, so before I'm asked to use the search button, that's the the question...
...I bought a Yamaha AS500 yesterday; it's a semi-hollowbody, maple body with a mahogany block and a set mahogany neck, and a rosewood fingerboard. It also has very high frets...

I've checked the intonation, and as far as I can figure, it's correct (checking the notes at the twelfth fret against the harmonics...they match). But on the treble strings, they seem to go out of tune higher up the neck...first and second fret, mostly.

Now, this is my first electric...I'm used to an acoustic, where I have to push the strings down a bit more...my frets aren't as high, either. On the electric, I can sound a note by barely touching the string...if I press with any sort of pressure, it goes out of tune.

So, I'm thinking that this is just a matter of technique...that is, I need to use less pressure (will take some getting used to). But I thought I'd ask here...I'd hate to find out I bought a lemon...is this a common thing?
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sometimes pressing too hard does cause a sharper note (which is common for acoustic players to do with an electric), is that the sound problem? if it makes a flatter note, then i dunno.
it's a lighter touch with jumbo frets.

of course there might be a couple of frets that are higher than others. but try a lighter touch.

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i have this problem with any guitar except for stratocasters if i use strings lighter than .10-.47 gauge. it's just to do with how hard you press the strings.
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Cool...thanks all. I got a too-good-to-be-true deal on this ($200 off) and was afraid I'd made the wrong choice...looks like I just need to refine my technique!

It came stock with .09 strings, too, but I bought a pack of .11's (I prfer heavier strings anyway) so that might make a difference too.
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