Well as most literate people could Perceive my thread is about Vintage guitars.
I guess you can say im a vintage guitar buff, I like em, they're sexy , you know..
Anyway I am in possesion of:
1. 1970 Hagstrom HIN (run 787) only 500 made
2. 1969 Kay et-200

and I was wondering if anyone would know any values of these guitars.
I'd love to include some pics but apparently I'm too much of a noob to put pics up, it says theyre too big so if anyone could help me there thatd also be appreciated.

soo yeahh....thanks in advance?

editttttt: Pics are uupppp heres some linkeysss
Hagstrom again
and again

and again
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to post pics use a picture hosting website such as photo bucket, www.photobucket.com then post the link they give you here
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Maybe look on eBay, they might have similar guitars on there.

Very nice by the way, and I like your first sentence, made me "lol".

You could also register to Harmony Central. HUGE amount of vintage buffs on there that could help you.
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ah yes i collect vintage guitars myself,
i have a 1960 teico japanese strat style
1960 Egmond hollowbody (german)
1960's Kay Les paul
1960's Kay SG
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1970 Sattellite Les Paul <-- great guitar
1970 Sattellite Strat copy
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1973 Ibanez Lawsuit SG <--- rare
1979 Hoffmann Rickenbacker copy
1985 Casio DG-10 Midi guitar <-- some fun
1986 Fender Japanese Strat
1994 Fender Japanese Tele <--- dont know if that is vintage yet... 13 years old?