My little sister went through a little phase of wanting to play the guitar, she bought a squier fat strat in sunburst, played a few powerchords then chucked it in a cupboard for years, dug it out at parties for sweaty little teenage boys to play and spill beer over, sure it's not a new story.

So..... she's thinking of selling me it..... (my own sister! she should give it to me for free..... actually believes its worth about 100ish, haha) The truss rod needs adjusting, the necks all sticky and doesnt feel very nice, needs new strings, the pickups are crappy and have nail polish on them(.....??) Also, I don't much like the sunburst colour so I want to change it if I buy it.

My question is.... is it worth it? and do standard fender scratchplates fit on squiers? (not really hot on fender stuff) Is the wood used in it just naturally cheap and rubbish, will I ever be able to get a nice tone out of it?
Fender pickguards will fit yes. I'm not too sure about the tone, but do you have any idea what it is made out of?


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I had a sunburst squier which I completely took apart and sanded down. Over a year ago. Haven't painted it yet, everytime i'm going to I see threads of how stuff has gone wrong. Missing the sunburst really, and a back-up guitar
It's always a learning experience if nothing else.
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Some squier's are made out of Alder which is a nice tone wood. Some are not should be a serial number on the back of the headstock or something. Maybee you could email fender for the specs? Clean off the neck with some guitar cleaner or pledge and it will feel much better.
^ Yea because I'm currently painting an old guitar rewiting and all that. If i wouldn't of done it I wouldn't have known what I do now know.


Orange Rocker 30 head and a Tiny Terror
she wants 100 for it??? i definitely would not pay that much for it, maybe 50 since you will learn alot from redoing it
I wasn't gonna pay her 100. I'm pretty sure you can buy them without the little frontman amp deal thing for about 80. The pound sign is broken on my laptop, sorry, but i did mean pounds. I will see what I can do with it, if i do a half decent job she'll probably change her mind and want it back =/
Ahh, sorry for attention whoring and bumping my thread up to make you all notice, but I have more questions..... Firstly, I'm assuming the rust and nail-polish encrusted SC pickups aren't gonna be very good, especially as they are low-end squier ones... What are the best type of fender pickups to use?

from my username you may be able to tell I'm better with ibanez typed guitars than fenders, what are fender lace pickups about? I know i'm asking annoying basic questions but... how do they work? what type of sound do they produce? worth getting?
Take it all apart, get a new neck. Get the seymor duncan humbucker invader pickups for $75, get a pro paintjob for $100+, get an official stratocaster fender neck, i like the telecaster neck but that\'s just me, then get some ernie ball super slinkies!

maybe get a new bridge but that\'s up to you.

all together it should cost you a little less or little more than a standard fender fat strat, but it will be a ton better and it will be a very nice guitar.

but if you do that make sure you get the pick ups for the bridge and only play with the bridge, if you get the neck pickups and only play with those it will sound like crap, get both and it will sound amazing.