If I'm going to keep a guitar tuned down one half step permanently will I need to make any adjustment changes? also, what if I put on a really heavy set of strings?

And while Im here, could someone recommend a set of feeler guages that would work well for guitar? thanks!

As you may be able to tell Im getting into guitar maintence

I tune a half step down too, I use 10s, they are perfect for that. You could use whatever you wanted to, SRV used 13s.

As far as adjustments go, you will probably need to intonate your guitar for Eb, and adjust your action so it doesn't buzz.

For feeler gauges....Idk.
Actually I was going to get 13's.. Im turning my MIM strat into my SRV strat :P

But I shall adjust the intonation, thanks guys.. Ill be able to find a tutorial from google

but as for the feeler guages.. anyone else?

Btw I meant to post this in the guitar gear forum if a mod could move it
unless it belongs here.. either way Im happy

thanks again!

edit: will 13 guage strings play any different? ie, harder to bend? not that I mind, but just curious..

thanks, again again!
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