Hi, firstly I hope this is the best place to post this topic since theres no subforum dedicated to PA's.

Basically I require a good PA for the sole purpose of live shows. The typical setup is 3 guitar amps mic'd into a mixing desk, a bass amp DI into the mixing desk, piano DI and then three vocal mics. So its all live stuff and hence needs to be able to reproduce whatever sound goes in to the desk. I've used cheap DJ gear before that has just been muddy and lifeless.

In terms of what I require, the typical audience size is 250-300 and hence Im after around 1kw output in total. The key thing is getting the balance right, i want decent quality for a good price since the equipment will only be used 4 or 5 times a year. The Peavey pro 15 speakers have taken my fancy. They are only rated at 300w RMS though but 600w programme? Anyone know what this is? Would it be safe to use these on amp pumping 500w per channel at 4 ohms?


Any other suggestions welcome