a friend of mine approached me about doing a NIN tribute band for the hell of it, chicago being a big town for cover bands and it being a good way to get into the door with our original projects. anyways... we can't really decide on a name, so we're looking for suggestions. we're also looking for input as to what songs people would like to hear. thanks for any ideas=)
you must play the wretched...
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NIN - New Inch Noobs

Lol :p

Okay, well good luck with it. Umm I can't really think of any good names...
'the wretched', eh? to be honest, we really haven't considered anything from 'the fragile' or 'with teeth', but that is a really cool song and i'm interested in seeing how well it can be done. thanks for the suggestion=)

hopefully, we'll get some more title ideas before we commit to a name. but some of the ones on the table are;
pretty hate machine
so if anyone is so inclined, they can vote for a name, heh.

thanks for all your help, guys.

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"all that could have been "

" Hurt"

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"the mark has been made"

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