I've been playing electric guitar for little over a year now, I played bass guitar for 2 years before that, and I had an acoustic guitar that I played on alot for an unknown amount of time, but I have no practice routine or anything.

When I play guitar, all it consists of is me playing songs that I know. I realize that this isn't considered a 'conventional practice', but I'd like to start practicing. What's decent routine so that I may get better and not just hit a peak that i'll never get over.
you could just start learning lots of new songs. learn some scales and run through those a lot too.
Hey...im also wondering on a better practice routine. Right now im just working on getting my finger strength built up and working on playing things cleanly on the fretboard. But otherwise all i have is a bunch of Guitar world magazine excercises. Any tips?

P.S. Im into a lot of metal stuff...
It's wasted time learning little bits and peices of songs as i have been doing, try learning full songs it may take a day or so but its great when you can play through a full song and also making up your own stuff i started doing that by just choosing a chord picking it in a pattern then just kinda dropping notes thn changing chord add a lil intro maybe a riff and some simple strumming it sounds great and easy as, because after all you can't do it wrong if you invented it
i asked thet just recently and had greenday-good ridance, oasis-wonderwall, pink floyd-wish you were here suggested to me i learnt good riddance last night almost perfect the others look slightly more difficult but you won't find many that are as easy and sound as good so pick 1 of these (or something else) and stick with it till you master it.
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Thanks...do you have any suggestions on an fairly easy song to learn?

i suggest nirvana songs..

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Ok, so back to my original question, what's a decent practice routine? (Besides just learning how to play songs..)
Do warm ups and exercises before hand.

You can learn scales.

But I think just playing to challenging songs is the best way to practice and have fun.