My head just crapped out on me. I tried running my usual effects loop and when i turned her on the volume dropped big time.

Had her up full blast and i could just hear the guitar (ive tested all the leads btw). Then boom, came back to life then crapped out again.

Any ideas? I'll open her up when i get back from work. 1985 Laney Linebacker 50watt head.

Just got back from work, turned her on, all seemed fine but slowly the volume's crept down to zero again!


Any mod that reads this, ive got the same thread in C&B, since ive no mod powers i cannot delete it anymore.
from the sounds of things, the same thing happened to me back in september with my Marshall DSL 201. I don't fully remember what was actually wrong with it, but I took it to an electronics repair guy and he was able to fix it. I don't remember what the problem was, but he said it was a fairly common break down in tube amps and that he frequently fixes the same problem. It cost me about $100 to get it back. Assuming you're not an electronics whiz and you don't know a lot about amps and how to fix them, you should probably just take it in to a music store and see if their guy can fix it.
Tis a solid state

But yeah it is shaping up to be a shop job by the looks of it.