The Queers came and played a local show here last night (Lafayette, IN). It was ****ing amazing! There was a band from Indianpolis that opened up for them (Up Scumbag). They were really good. Then Teenage Rehab played. They were pretty damn good. It was at this point that the moshes started. After Teenage Rehab, the Heart Attacks took stage. They sucked ****. They all had the exact same haircut (all looked like that dude from Poison with the bad haircut). Nobody cared about them, we were all waiting for the Queers to play. Once the Queers finally started playing, it was ****ing amazing! It was by far the biggest mosh pit I've ever seen around here. Like 75 people or so in the pit (the venue could only hold maybe 200 or so). The club was absolutely packed, too. The Queers were very good...very smooth...damn near perfect pop-punk. They plated a few Screeching Weasel covers, too. Only downside was that my ears were ringing all night and my clothes smell like smoke (very smoky club). If the Queers roll through your town, I would definately recommend going. The Heart Attacks suck, but The Queers and Teenage Rehab aren't half bad.
I agree, I've only seen them once, but they kicked ass.
I didn't know anyone in Lafayette was on this board, holy booty! I thought Up! Scumbag was really bland, nothing to em, also the kids onstage were nervous as hell. I was glad the Queers played love love love and See you Later ****face, that totally made my night. Did you hear that dude in the Heart Attacks call us Indianapolis? Man those guys sucked.
She was stealing sponges, I knew it!
Lol I heard a lot of people making fun of the Heart Attacks at the show. One guy was like, "Wait, I thought they WERE the Queers." Genuinely terrible band. Have no idea what they're doing on tour with the Queers. And they're coordinated haircuts...WTF. I went outside about halfway through the Heart Attacks performance and didn't come back in until the Queers were setting up.