Hello, I am looking to get rid of my xbox 360 core system. It comes with 2 wired controllers, and 1 wireless, and one 64 mb memory card. Games: Gears of war, F.E.A.R., Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, and Need for Speed: Carbon (collectors edition). It is in mint condition, I bought it in early November of 2006. I'll get pics up in a day or two.

I am looking for a PC that I can start recording with, so I need atleast 1 GB of RAM.

Thank you,

The word about how crap the 360 is has gotten out to just about every dick and his dog. So you're not going to get much for it. I would reccomend listing it up on EBAY then buying second hand hardware, if you want it cheap, get an AMD Sempron 754 3300+ with a motherboard and a gig of ram, it would probably set you back about how much you get for your 360.

Other than that, you could try listing this sale on a PC forum?
hey how much for the xbox360 controlers and gears of war?
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I really only want to do trades or sell as a bundle, sorry. I guess I could be willing to trade for other things than just a PC, let me know what you have. I could sell the whole bundle for about $400+shipping.
i have an HP i don't use n e more and i used to record with it... PM me if interested... does it come with the HDD?