I feel kind of stupid for asking, but I've run into a barrier in my playing lately. I can't seem to alternate pick across different strings while palm muting. Most of the stuff that I've previously learned I just downpicked, but now I'm running into things that I have to alternate pick.

For example, I have no problem downpicking the rythm for Laid to Rest by Lamb of God all the way through the song, but I can't alternate pick it while maintaining a palm mute(I'm referring to the part that goes


This is just one example... I have trouble with just about anything that skips strings with steady 8th notes. Either the palm mute is barely audible, or, more often, my fingers become desychronized.

Is there a trick to this, will more practice eventually cause me to get it, or is there a flaw in my playing that I should try to correct?
Play the passage slowly to a metronome and try to minimise any tension in your arm. Honestly just practicing it will do the trick.
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^ is right, just play it at a speed that you find comfortable to a metronome, lotsa practice will work up your synch and muscles and you'll catch on. also practice starting on an upstroke that way you can transition between strings easier
Start slow, build up speed. That is the same with anything that you can't do, and it will not change overnight. Practice it every day for about a week, you will start to improve.