Hey, my band has gotten a few songs and we were wondering how to book a gig and how many songs it usually takes to please a crowd. We are all 16-17 years old and we play more alternative rock and stuff like that. So, how did u book your gigs?
Find a place to play at and get on the bill.
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find a place, call em, play

that simple, im 14 and have gotten quite a few gigs
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Yeah, call every place in town, send demos everywhere...If you have anyone that is tight with a place that has bands, have them go and promote your band...

Depends on what kind of show, for opening a show play 30 minutes to an hour and a half, if you are playing with several other bands then play anywhere from 3-10 songs. If you are the only band, play 2 or three hours worth of music.

It really depends on what the situation is, but I say you need to half about a total of 4 to five hours of music ready with your band, just to always be ready.
Well, we live in a small ass town that doesnt have many places to play music except bars, but we're underage
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You may need to check the laws when it comes to underagers playing bars. In my current county, ALL performers must be 21 plus, which I think is a load of crap, however right over the state line in Delaware you can be under 18 if you get your hand stamped. Some other states/counties require that if you are underage, have a parent or guardian there. If playing bars I would have at least 4-5 hours worth of material. This is so you can play the entire night and get paid the most. If you just want to do all originals I would have no less than 30 minutes but no more than an hour. Of course some things may come up where you may be able to book a starter show and only play 3 songs opening for better known bands.

Look at other bands in your area and see where everyone is playing. You can start going to those shows and introduce yourself to the band members if it's low key. If it's a more professional organization, find out who does the booking.

I once met a person who was the head bartender at one of the best paying (but most run down) bars in my town. She also did the booking and told me that she HATED listening to demos and getting press kits. The reason behind that was she had some bands before who had a great demo but had a terrible live show and other bands who had a terrible demo, but rocked the stage and packed the place everytime. I was there for a "local legends" show hosted by a local radio station. The winner of the competition got $500 and some gift certificates. We lost that night but we found out we were the only band who was hired to come back and play for money. We are playing there 2 nights this weekend and it's our highest paying gigs yet. Let's see.. $500 competition or bring in $1,400 for a 2 night weekend... hmm..

She later told me that's why she asked the radio station to host a show there. It wasn't about being a "local legend".. it was about auditioning for that bar! So look into oppurtunities like this. Your local radio station websites probably have a local music show that airs on Sunday nights when no one is listening. But see if they host live shows.

I was in one band before that started gigging 3-6 times a month playing all original music. We had a gig the first night we formed and played well. (most of us in the band were from a previous band and one guy learned our songs in 30 minutes) We had a streak once where we played a Sam Goody CD store, a computer shop, a college coffee cafe, a show at a bar, a private birthday party, a teen rec center, and a church. Pretty odd mix huh? The point was, I was limited on where to book the band with just all originals so I booked us for anywhere that would hire us that I knew would pay off. For the CD store appearance, we talked one of the more popular young bands in our area to play if we paid them to "run" sound. The coffee shop gig was also booked a few days before the gig at the bar so we could promote that (the coffee gig was acoustic) We also had a banner and plugged our myspace up.

Back to the songs, it's not the number of songs it takes to please an audience, it's the amount of songs to please who books you!. The quality of songs is what matters to the people. Be smart about your song selection.

I once made a giant list of places you can book your band on this forum. Do a search.

Quick story: The other week, I was driving on a busy highway and stopped at one of the busiest intersections in my town. The gas station on the corner had some noise coming from it and I looked over and saw a band in front of it. WTF? There were only abotu 8 teens out there watching them, but that's another idea. There big mistakes were they didn't plan it too well. For one, they booked it in Novemeber when it's cold out and 2 they didn't have a banner. So even if people heard them they wouldn't have known their name.

People seem to think any gig is exposure. Well, yes... to disease! You have to be smart about how you plan the gig. Why should you play 10 gigs in which many people hear you but don't know your name, when I can make a band have one gig that equals 10 gigs.
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xD you cant be trying very hard

what, does he have to be a member of this forum for years to be trying really ahrd to get a gig... and he never said he was trying very hard, he asked how to... back off
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what, does he have to be a member of this forum for years to be trying really ahrd to get a gig... and he never said he was trying very hard, he asked how to... back off

he's talking about the fact that he lives in cali
wow didnbt even thinka bout that, sorry dude
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