Which lower priced bass amps have the best quality for the money? I'm really confused as to what amp to buy, and I won't be getting to a guitar store for maybe about 3-4 weeks, so I wanna go ahead and start looking around before I actually go in, and get educated on it.

I play jazz, funk rock (like old RHCP), punk, classic rock, sometimes metal.

So please keep that in mind.

Thank you.
behinger makes good stuff i'd go with the most expensive one you can afford they are reliable and the sound is ogod expecially the models that just came out at the end of last year for $200 you seriously cant get anything better (not anything new you might find an Ebay steal or something tho)
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I've been hearing a lot of bad shit about Behringer though ...

The Behringer thread in this forum has gotten no positive reviews for their products.

I'm assuming you're looking for a gigging-quality amp, and I can't think of anything in your range that's not a Behringer. If you want a combo amp, the best I can think of is an Ashdown Electric Blue- $300 for a 12-inch, $350 for a 15-inch. Both are 180 watts.
im thinkin of gettin the ashdown blue 12"
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