My uncle asked me to find a song with 2 guitar parts for us to learn.

He's in his 30s so I was thinking something classic rock so he would recognize whatever it is. We are both fair guitarists. Any ideas? Any combonation of acoustic/electric would work. We've got a whole fleet of guitars between the two of us and my grandfather.

So yeah. Ideas would be appreciated. Sorry if this is repetitive, but I didnt find anything like this in my search...
I would say maybe some soundgarden or alice in chains. Most of the grunge bands had two guitars. Even though he's in his 30s he probably listens to some newer music too.l
eh thin lizzy hav plenty of guitar duos nd harmonies dat r cool...
Shit Happens
I would say Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult. One of the greatest rythems that isn't over shadowed by the lead in my opinion.
Might sound sorta too easy, but CCR has great songs for two guitars. And who listens to classic rock without loving CCR? No one, thats who...