Hi I have a Line 6 Tone Port and the software they give you to record with isn't really cutting it for me. I was wondering what's some good, preferably free software that you use to record onto your computer with. Thanks.
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i use garage band, came with my mac. no idea what it costs but it works damn well
garageband is free for mac users, I highly recommend it.

I've stepped up to logic but it's likely if you're using a toneport you won't be making that jump any time soon.
audacity is decent, and its free - it works fine for me, good for editing and such, but i'm not a big fan of the effects...your tone port should cover that though
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Most of the people I talk to are Pro Tools, Digital Performer, or Logic Users. Each have it's ups and downs. Garageband is mac only and I think it's like $50 if you dont get the free version when you buy a new mac. All new macs come with it though. You're going to want a Mac at some point (*waits for hate mail) but I have an attitude where I won't go to a studio that isn't running Macs somewhere.
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