Can anyone give me advice on how to make my velcro less velcroey? Whenever I pull my pedals off the board the velcro stays stuck to the board and not the pedal.
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just get an old jumper or scarf and rub it in the velcro. crap'll get stuck in it, so it wont hold as well.
put a little tape on each end, and it'll keep the end from sticking at the end, and pulling off.
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Actually, my idea was hopefully he'd get it and just use bike chain links. But I felt like tricking him a bit
superglue ftw?

haha noo but you might be able to glue the velcro down, and i like the idea of wearing it out a bit, or if you're feeling really innovative you can come up with a whole new way to keep em on there
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ya like wrap em in suran wrap....... wrap the whole pedal (except the knobs)about 7 or 8 times around and then wrap the pedal board with it..... lol