today i decided to cover this song which is 1 of my favourite songs at the moment. i have recorded guitar and decided to give singing a try. this is my first attempt at singing a whole song. i know my singings not the best as i sing from my throat rather than my diaphram. i find it hard to try and sing that way so from the throat for me is easier but it hurts lol. could you please crit this song that would be great thanks and of course il crit anything you give me a link to

I quite enjoyed it. Listened to your version of Last Train Home as well and that is amazing
thank you i recorded last train home over 1 year ago with not so good gear lol. you got anything you would you me to crit?
anyone else please?
I love this f'n song, its so GOOD. Very good recording sound, especially the guitar... What do u use to record? For your first time singing your not horrible, at least your on key most of the song.. You should consider pursuing some lessons or have someone teach you some technique, I really like the vocals at 1:15ish, so awesome.
Good job, and thanks for taking time to listen to my tune.
Keep it up!
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I thought the tone of the guitar was weird. It was really trippy. lol But it was good, correct notes and all. I agree the singing was very good for a first time singing it'll get way better. The chorus was off a little bit (the I hope it takes me too) and you're straining. I like the addition of the electric guitar for the vocal melody.
I have never heard the original so I have nothing to compare to but I thought it was very well done. I really like the recording quality and the vocals were excellent. It sounded very Pink Floyd-ish to me. Great job man. Also, I really liked the Incubus tune, wish you were here. Hell, it makes me want to download it and lay down some vocals for that one. I won't without your permission of course. But I think it would sound good.

Anyway, if you could crit my attempt at Keep Away by Godsmack, i would greatly appreciate it. You can hear my vocals as well if you listen to either Santa Monica or Running Blind.

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i love the original version of the song so much, i feel like this just misses the trippyness of the original. The drum beat would make my entire body get into the song. and the keyboards were so awesome, when that acustic would come in. What I did like was the lead, tone was pretty awesome.
It was fairly enjoyable, hard to compete with the original, especially with the limited gear ya gots

good job homie

cheak out of cover of Hit me baby by Brittany Spears

crit as i listen -
I've never heard the song, but ill do my best
It sounds good, lotta reverb
its hard to hear the vocals around 1:15, not sure if thats supposed to be like that for the song
thanks for all the crits people i will crit your stuff as soon as i can

unborn- to record i use
guitar (yamaha 112) > effects pedal (korg ax100g) > amp (ad30vt) > toneport ux2 > adobe audition.

id love to get vocal lessons but i dont think their is anyone nearby i could learn from plus im a poor college student no problem man i'll look out for any of your other recordings and crit you

FatKidsOnMopeds- i was just messing about with my amp to try and find a good tone for this song and used some chorus and reverb to try and make it alittle different. singing the higher parts does strain my voice but hopefully i'll get better and have a better range. i couldnt sing the middle part as it went too high for me and i couldnt hold my voice that high for too long so i transfered it to guitar and to get the length of the vocals i used distortion.

cnorthern- you should get the origional its a good song download the incubus tune and put vocals on it if you want i'd like to hear it i will crit your songs soon thank you for listening.

AMGram- yea i know some parts had too much reverb i didnt know how to undo some of the reverb without deleting the tracks so i just left it. i did intend to use some reverb though so give the song more depth since it didnt have the bass and drums like the origional.

Peaceful Rocker- i would have put the drums in using fruity loops if i could have managed to get bass onto the song but i didnt have access to one so i just decided to do guitar and vocals. yea i know i wish i had better gear lol
i'll get back to you and crit your song soon thank you

Shreddar003- thank you im glad it sounds good to you. yea i've explained the reverb in the reply to AMGram. the part at 1:15 too me, is slightly louder than what the oriongal song is like at that part. you got anything you would like me to crit?
arright so consider everything im saying constructive criticism

dont take this the wrong way but personally i've never likes this song, and i think its the
worst death cab out of all of em which i mostly like

sounds good enough, most of the quirks i dont like are with the recording quality... ur voice doesnt stick out enough and nothing has that 'punch' in the quality that sticks out... play with ur eq, throw on a compressor

if the psychedelic rock sound is what you were going for

then really good