Looking at the price, I would say no. They're probably just trying to cash in on the TS name with a crappy pedal. For that price, I've heard that the Digitech Bad Monkey is surprisingly good, though.
Haha, thanks. Im just looking at overdrive pedals for under like, $50, so I know they probably wont be the best things in the world, but I just spent all my money on my XXX, and I want a boost for it later on down the road... Anyone have any experience with this one? It seems to have good reviews on MF.
The Boss SD-1 is a good one. Close to the TS-9 but with a little more gain if you want.
when i bought my bad monkey the guy said it was like a tube screamer but for hal the price or something like that.....

all i know is he compared it to the tubescreamer. i hear those have like a treble cut when you turn them on or something, although ive always wanted one.
bad monkey is $60
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yeah got my bad monkey (which i've dubbed Otis) for40 bucks, I really do love that pedal, its got everything i need granted though its no 808 but still its got surprisin'ly good bang for your buck. i haven't tried the SD-1 so i can't really help out there..