Ok im sitting here on my computer playing tabs wheni stopped i heard music, and it was not my music, i listened closer and heard ta;king i moved my guitar and it got louder!!! So i came to a conclusion that my guitar and my amp work as a radio reciver!!!! HAs that happened to any of you?
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no crap, it happens to everyone. your not special, sorry kiddo. i cant believe you made a thread about this....

Edit: sorry about being mean, im having a bad day
you just got this closed....that means it could be counted as spam. take a hint and don't post this again, or close the thread yourself. if it concerns you so much google it or search for it.

no hard feelings

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if u got single coil pickups they could do that mine just pick up fuzz from anything electronical but one time my old amp picked up my record player somehow i didnt have anything plugged into the amp it was odd
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yeah it has happened to me
its pretty cool when it happens haha
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Apparently this happens quite a bit, never happened to me the most i've got is a "Dup du du dup" sound when a text or call is about to come through my phone
Mine picked up my watch ticking quite clearly, but I guess that's pretty common.
I've never had it happen to me but aparently on the end of Sleep now in the Fire by Rage Against the Machine you can hear a korean radio station that tom morello picked up with his setup.
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It was so cool when it happened to me, i was playing some house of the rising sun when suddenly i heard some metallica-esque band, i checked my tv; nope, i checked the radio; and it was playing on my favourite station but i turned off the radio and its was the amp!

That was like a WHAT THE **** experience

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this is an easy fix, just make sure the wires are grounded right. and stations will be harder to pick up
Yeah I got it once while playing with a wah pedal, I put it all the way forward and suddenly I started hearing talking coming from my amp... I was pretty new to guitar back then and was like WTF?

I thought I was going schizofrenic (sp?), seriously lol
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I've never had it happen to me but aparently on the end of Sleep now in the Fire by Rage Against the Machine you can hear a korean radio station that tom morello picked up with his setup.

yeah, you can... it's not anything that's going to damage your gear, just move to a different spot and it should go away or get louder, as you said
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Before I ever heard of amps picking up radio signals, it happened..... and what did it pick up? Some losers trying to sing "Diary of Jane" during commercial. A very "WTF" experience.
it happened to me the other day, scared the crap out of me.
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yeah during a thunder storm I was rockin out...bad idea...and then my amp started blasting a christian rock station and i was cracking up. So then i turned it off when they wanted to start praying and stuff in between songs. Then the power went out right after I turn it off...lucky nothing blew! haha good story round the fire tho... w/ an acoustic that is
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im pretty sure it has almost nothing to do with tube microphonics, but more to do with the fact that all the conducters carrying your signal to the amp's preamp serve as an antenna because they aren't grounded well enough for the situation and that additional signal is sent through the amp's stages and is amplified enough to drive the speaker. it is, however, a fairly common and most of the time an interesting experience. and yes, tom morello did use it on Sleep Now In the Fire.
for another interesting trick, try pointing your TV remote at your pickups. better to use a universal one so you can very the tones. THIS is what i dont understand, because i thought remotes used infrared, and i know pups are electromagnets. sounds cool though.
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