Hi, im buying a new guitar in a couple of months and i am very fond of this guitarat the moment, can anyone tell me if it is any good, im paying £289 for it, here is the product link and features, im getting the transparent black version which has heartbeat inlays.


body Flamed Maple Top/Maple/Mahogany body
neck 3pc Mahogany set-in neck
fingerboard Rosewood fingerboard
bridge Gibraltar III bridge
neck pu Duncan® Ibanez(H) neck pu
bridge pu Duncan® Ibanez(H) bridge pu
hardware color Nickel

and here is the guitar: http://www.imuso.co.uk/ProductDetail.asp?StockCode=EG01064

ive got a sz320 and i love it so the 520 can only be better
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I have the SZ520QM, and i really like the it. But the pickups aren't the greatest, I changed them for a Duncan JB and a '59. And now the guitar really rocks. I'd recommend you to put in some new pups too.
the quality control in those korean ibanezes isn't the best.

If you can get to try several, and pick the best one, you might get a (very) nice one. I wouldn't risk ordering one over the net, though.

I've tried a few, some weren't nice, and some were very nice. so yeah, I wouldn't buy one I couldn't try first.
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