Well, I got in a big argument with my bandmate with him bitching at me for not backing him up in vocals when he plays to certain people. But the reason why I wont is because I havent even sang with myself that much. I probably have maybe about 4 times in my life. I just started wanting be a musician and he throws all this shit at me, saying how is he ever going to be in a band with me if I wont even sing, when I am not even in my own comfort zone for my voice?

What do you think?
i'm kinda in the same situation right now. if you really wanna do it, practice singing, if not try explaining you're not interested in being a singer, if he don't like that, that's prolly not the band for you
hey man, i'm really glad i read this post because i went through the same thing. i'll try to help.
when you start off, youre not going to be at all confident in your voice, so no way in hell are you going to just start singing on the spot like that for him. i dealt with the same thing, i wanted to sing at least some of the time in my band, but at first i didnt have the balls to, and i could sense my bandmates got kind of annoyed at me for it. What it took was this:
Practice singing a song on your own, a song you will be able to sing with your friend/bandmate playing guitar. Play the original song on your ipod or computer or whatever, and sing along to it. Once you feel like youve learned the song and can sing it, go to a band practice and be ready to sing.

The key is singing just to one or two people at first, so its not THAT nervewracking. That's what i did, the first time i sang was just in front of two people. I was so nervous, but after that it all just got betetr and better. Sing your one song in front of the guy, and then youll be ready for more, and more, and more people to sing in front of.

I started off singing in front of two people, then three, then about 6, and then i played at aparty in front of about 30-40 people. Once youve done the start, youre set.

If you didnt understand any of my rambling, just say so and ill clarify. Good luck!

p.s. make sure your bandmate understand youre just nervous and want to make it work.
I undertsand what you're saying. I do want to be lead singer and everything, it's just this is the first time in my life I have actually tried becoming a singer and he just yells stupid shit at me and doesnt understand.
like i said dark figure, read my post.
but in regards to the asshole guy. Explain your situation to him, tell him youre dedicated to do it but its gonna take a little time for you to find your comfort zone. And if he doesnt get it, ditch him. Youll never go anywhere with bandmembers who cant understand that.
Tell him to shove it! If your not confident than your not confident. Not yet anyways.

Plus, anyone sounds good when they sing with the radio. Singing in the spot light is a little bit more difficult