Ok well I still have the original strings that I got with the guitar when I bought it, and they are gettin a bit worn down. What would you suggest using now? I play a lot lf Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Iron Maiden and Slayer+Pantera. Also, I don't have a whammy bar.

Thanks in advance.
depends on what tuning your going to put your guitar in. the lower the tuning the heavyer the strings you want.
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i prefer ernie ball, but thats just me
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Ernie Ball and D'Addario XL's are what I've played. No complaints. Know what gauge you want?
Generally, going with 0.10 - 0.46 is the standard. I've been playing a bit lighter but want to move back to heavier strings. Heavier gauges are generally better for detuning, as they hold tune a bit better when thicker. But, whatever your preference, I'll let you decide.
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I agree with the D'Addario XL's
I find they last longer than the ernie ball strings
wow devilscruffs 14...all stings are metal, lmao, though you probly meant steel strings..yea i would go with ernie balls since i prefer them..but your would probly need a thicker gauge for your kinda music..i know the 10's super slinky ernie balls i just got are made of nickel so im not sure if they come in a heavier metal...but ernie balls all the way man.
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Just go to the store and buy a cheap pack of 9's or 10's (I like 9's better because they're easier to play and sound the same as 10's). And if the brand you get works well, get the same kind next time, if not try a different brand. Just experiment untill you find what you like.

I use Fender Original 9's they work just fine for me.
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d'addario light top heavy bottoms 10-52


ernie ball skinny top heavy bottoms 10-52

great strings
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I've used GHS Boomers forever, but now I tried out a pack of Elixers, they're pretty nice, and are supposed to last 2-3x as long.
I used to use Ernie Ball slinkies in the same rage Pagey does. Now I use GHS Boomers, .10-.38 I like the hevier unwound strings for the extra sustain and tune-holding.
i like my fender super bullets.
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Dadario light top, heavy bottom- 9-46

yeah, 9s are better for zeppelin than 10's
Jimmy Page said in an interview once that if u want to be a better guitarist u should start by using lighter strings, i play lights-med lights and its true, easier on the fingers and easier to bend, heavy lower strings isn't bad, u could alwasy get ernire ball highbrids, heavy low - light high
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wow devilscruffs 14...all stings are metal, lmao, though you probly meant steel strings

no I was being an asshole. and actually not all strings are metal, classical guitars use nylon strings.
Get a set of the following (one of each)

GHS Boomers
Ernie Ball

all 10s.
Then decide which ones are best.
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yeah, 9s are better for zeppelin than 10's

wtf? there's like no difference except 9's sound thin. for me 10's sound better for zeppelin, cause they are comfortable to play. unless you get really high or really low guages theres not THAT much difference
D'Addario 10's. I use them and they've never snapped on me or anything.
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GHS & EB's
9's and 10's

D'addario strings just destroy my finger tips for some reason, they are much harder feeling then anything i've ever played.