Im taking a whole new approach to song writing, and i feel like i have a lot more feeling and emotion in it now than ever, so i just wanted to know what you guys think of this, its really my first new song style, im trying to avoid cliche, the music is going to be very ballad like either acoustic or clean electric



Dont you ever get that feeling
sit back and close your eyes
Dont you ever crave that healing
a shelter from these crimes

Whens last time you can say
the day hasnt passed you by
How long since youve stood in the rain
Under a dark stormy sky

And Sometimes it seems
with each and every step
You shatter your dreams
with the secrets youve kept

Sometimes it seems
these are the days
You shatter your dreams
and forgotten your ways

All I ask of you son
Is to open up your eyes
And all I fear for you miss
is missing out on life

So father take your daughters hand
And lead her from this fire
cause this world can break you down
when your fear overcomes desire
Nice work...i like it...8/10


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