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What's your favorite Adrian Smith solo??
Don't get me wrong, I like everyone of his solo's and ALL of them are really great!!

But I think the one in Different World is, if not the best, one of his best!
I just learned it, and it's so fantastic to play!
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Wickerman solo is real good, im pretty sure its done by Adrian.

I like Adrian, but I think Dave Murray has better solo's

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i dunno who does it but the solo in children of the damned is brill well the whole song guitar wise is brilliant
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I've just finished recording me playing the wickerman solo and it's for me the 2nd best maiden solo. The first is clarily "2 Minutes to midnight", adrian's solo (it's the second one). It's brilliant and though it's short, it shows a great creativity and mastery. Listen to it, it starts at 3:04 min.
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Number of the beast (2nd solo) and Paschendale (2nd solo of three)

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