Im ordering my RG560 this week (it feels like it's taking years). I know that Ibanez pickups arent the best, and I want to get the most out of my new RG. I've heard that new pickups dont really show difference on a solid-state amp, is this true?

Also, about the pickups, i've been debating on which to get, the RG560 has an HSS setup, so I was debating...

Bridge - PAF Joe, Mo' Joe, Fred
Middle - Virtual Vintage Solo Pro, Heavy Blues, Virtual Vintage Heavy
Neck - Virtual Vintage Solo Pro, Heavy Blues, Virtual Vintage Heavy

Im lookin' for a nice heavey humbucker that's clear and good for both rythm and lead, a middle for some classic rock, and the neck for some bluesier stuff but something with enough bite for soloing.
pickups always make a difference...but it depends on the amp..i dont think ibanez pickups are that bad.....
Pickups make less of an impact on modelling amps like your Vox, not conventional solid state amps though. The reason is that a modelling amp is creating a lot of the tone digitally as opposed to "colouring" the original tone of your guitar. I'd personally stick a Dimarzio Breed in the bridge, unless you really want that accentuated midrange spike that the Satriani sigs will give you, although if you've set your heart on one of those then go for the Fred.
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