im currently juggling a bass and a guitar project... (just started bass yesterday.) guitar is almost done though just need to get a pickguard..... but i want to hide the pickups under the pickguard lso it looks ike that one line6 guitar... the variax i think... and ya.... it was a fender(not a squier, im not one of those people that calls squiers fenders.) strat so i have no idea how to do this with everything already mounted and all...

any suggestions... anyone done this.

ive searched google and found nothing, i have a hard time wording stuff in the search field.

help would be appreciated.
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The Variax doesn't have conventional pickups, that's why you can't see them. If you wanted to "hide" normal pickups you'd have to have them screwed flush into the body cavity, which means if they don't sound good down there there's nothing you can to about it. Youre best bet would be to do away with the pickups and fit a piezo bridge, but that might not give you the sound you want.
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there are no "Hidden" Pickups on a line 6 variax, they use peizo pickup, that are installed in the bridge of the guitar.
oh.... i just meant how it looked... not that they were hidden, (i learned in guitar center after playing one and say ing stuff about "why is the pickups under the pg" (yes i talk like that...) like i said i have trouble wording stuff
putting them under the pickguard would mean you'd basically have them screwed RIGHT down onto the body. and it would sound like utter shite. believe me.
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Is there a possiblity of elevating the pickgaurd? Or would that just look ridiculous?
just as a thought, i don't know if you are after spending huge amounts on the guitar but you can get lace sensor pickups, which have no pole pieces, so may give the sort of thing you are after, see below:


or if you just check out ebay, they are other cheaper guitar pickups in the lace sensor style, in that they have no pole pieces

fender tried a jaguar style guitar with 3 pickups hidden under the pguard but there was a weak signal from the string to the pickup so they never got past prototype stage.

and i belive they even used special design high power pickups and still no dice.

anyway the best way to see if itll work for you would be to screw the pickups on you guitar right down so the poles are under the pguard and play it and see how you think it sounds.

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Another more involved, and more dificult way could be to lower the neck and bridge in relationship to the body so that the distance between the string and the body was the desired distance to the pickups. This would place pickups just below the surface of the pickguard, which wouldn't impede the signal as long as the pickguard material is suitable. Just remember to account for the thickness of the pick guard if you decide to do this.
could this actually be a way to make EMGs sound good?

but no you cant really do that without making it sound bad... if you wanted the guitar solely for clean, a piezo might suit, as they fit under the bridge, but you may not like the sound...

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Well, you could install EMGs and paint them the same color as the pickguard. It'd probably be the best sounding option.

EDIT: I don't mean paint and lower them, I'm just saying paint them so they're less obvious.
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