A couple of people from my school and I are starting a band. We all like Nirvana and want to sound like them but with somthing a little different. Can you help us?
what do want help with? start a band, play. nothing difficult to it as far as your doing it now. play what you like.
We kinda want to sound like Nirvana but, just a little punk. do you of any good bands like that.
Well, I'm not trying to say use us as an inspiration, but we have been told we sound a lot like Nirvana, but I think we have a kinda punk sound with us too. You could check out our music and see what you think. I don't really know what you are looking for people to tell you though either, nobody here can tell you how to play a certain type of music really.
Ever heard of Rick Rubin? Probably the most important producer in the past two decades. Rick's advice is not to pre-determine what you want to sound like. Not to invent the ends, and then put together the means. That's not very effective and it's quite narrow minded and self defeating.

Instead, consider what the others in here are saying. Just play. Play what sounds cool to you. Just do what feels right at the time and go with it. Figure out what you are when you become it...