Has anyone heard of Destroy the Runner they're sick, they have some of the best riffs I've ever heard
I started a thread on these guys when I first joined here and I got flamed pretty badly.lol

EDIT: looking back on it, I didn't get flamed really. But no one was really into it.
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the scream is so powerfull. my balls started two steppin.
Super generic. I listened to em for like ten minutes and got bored. They might get better with tiime.
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They're not talking about hardcore punk, they're talking about "hardcore." It has little in common with its roots in the '80s.

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dude, I like them.

They are sort of like a softer As I Lay Dying.

I "discovered" them while watching an August Burns Red show.

They were freakin awesome, your not the only one bro!
pretty much sound exactly like as i lay dying
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they throw a pretty good concert and their music is really good but they arent' my favorite band
i saw them live theyre pretty good
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a much softer as i lay dying version.

aild ftw !

copy cats ? maybe.

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