Kiss Kiss

(if you're a fan of Cursive apparently you'll like them they're on Eyeball, the same beautiful label that brought us Murder By Death and for you MCR fans, MCR as well)

What distinguishes Kiss Kiss, a 5-piece orchestral rock ensemble, from its contemporaries is a unique synthesis of influences, resulting in moody music that hangs and dissolves on shrewd, artful songwriting. Blending analog synths, violin, distorted guitar and ambient sounds with tight arrangements and male/female vocals, it’s as though Kiss Kiss channeled the fragments of its musical predecessors, and reassembled them. Known for its unpredictable, high-energy live performances, Kiss Kiss routinely leads audiences into manic, affected states of high emotion.

seriously I've loved these guys since their self-titled, great live show, I've been trying to get people to listen for some time now. Seems people are starting to catch on. Anyway, listen to this band.

also you can download a Digital EP for free here:
Jesse Wants To Die Just As Much As You Want Him Dead
meh Thursday has been off Eyeball for a while now, I just mentioned MBD, because they both have strings, and MCR because all the kiddies love MCR here.

Yes Thursday, also on Eyeball. Also amazing(when they want to be)
Jesse Wants To Die Just As Much As You Want Him Dead
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