I would very much like to get some caster wheels for my Traynor YCV50Blue amp, I'm a skinny white kid and don't like lifting stuff so I was looking for some caster wheels so I can be lazy and roll it around instead. Anyone know where I could buy some?
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I don't recommend actually putting caster wheels on your amp, cause during a show you could have some issue with your amp rolling around (possibly off the stage even).

You can get a dolly to push it around on, or you can try the ghetto method of one or two skateboards on the bottom as a makeshift dolly.
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I like the skateboard idea actually, but actually, I'm pretty sure that you can get caster wheels now with brakes, you could just put the brake on at a show and don't have a worry about it flying across the stage or anything.
Alright, if that's the case, then go to something like a local Home Depot or other hardware store and just ask someone there for wheels for a speaker cabinet.
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